Trinh Hoi talks about the experience of advocating for the Stateless Vietnamese

In 2008, I sat down with Trinh Hoi to catch up on what was going on at the time regarding the advocacy work he was doing.  After successfully helped approximately 1600 Stateless Vietnamese in the Philippines being accepted and resettled by United States, Trinh Hoi was dissatisfied with the fact that there were about 400 persons were rejected.

After few more years on continuing advocating for the left behind Stateless Vietnamese, several countries including Canada accepted the remaining people.

In order to get the Stateless Vietnamese resettled in Canada, fundraisers were hosted to raise monies to pay for the expenses.

There were many cases which turned tragic.  In this video Trinh Hoi mentioned the case of Mach Thi Lieu, a woman who was raped and killed. Her body was ditched on the side of the road.  Her case was very tragic because she refused to get helped and be resettled due to mental illness.  Her life ended violently because she lost faith due to the extended wait for resettlement and depression set in.

Sometimes he wondered if he could have done things differently.

With those who resettled, Trinh Hoi stayed in touch.

What he learned from the experience in the Philippines. 


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